Welcome to the European Drink Awards – Celebrating Excellence in the Beverage Industry

The Drink Awards is an annual celebration of excellence in the beverage industry, recognizing outstanding individuals and businesses that are leading the way in creating innovative, high-quality drinks. We believe that the drink industry is an art form that deserves to be celebrated, and we are committed to promoting the best of the best in the field.

Participation in the European Drink Awards is open to all individuals and businesses in the beverage industry. Whether you are a small craft brewery, a distillery, a winery, or an individual mixologist, we welcome you to showcase your creativity and expertise by entering your drinks for consideration.

Why Participate?

Winning the European Drink Award is a significant achievement that can help establish your brand, build your professional reputation, and increase your exposure to potential customers. It is an opportunity to showcase your creativity and expertise to a panel of industry experts and gain recognition for your hard work.

Why Choose Us?

At the European Drink Awards, we pride ourselves on our commitment to fairness, impartiality, and excellence. Our judging process is rigorous, thorough, and transparent, ensuring that every entry is evaluated on its own merits. Our judging panel comprises a diverse group of industry experts, including mixologists, beverage writers, and critics, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Our judges are from different countries in Europe to approach the most accurate independent and professional assessment.

We are also committed to promoting our winners through our website, social media channels, and other marketing channels, providing them with increased exposure and recognition.

How to Participate?

Participation in the European Drink Awards is easy and straightforward. Simply submit your drink for consideration through our online portal, following the guidelines and instructions provided. Our judging panel will evaluate each entry based on criteria such as flavor, creativity, and innovation, and select the winners based on their merits.

Join us in celebrating excellence in the beverage industry by participating in the European Drink Awards. We look forward to receiving your entries and showcasing the best of the best in the field.